Half a mil' for bail ‘cause I'm African
A different perspective of the trials, tribulations and struggle of Africans in America. All compacted into a podcast.

Kwaku Bentil

The Moderator

DJ Earthkwak also known as Kwake or Commish is a man of many talents. He is a DJ, a sound engineer for his church and has many more tricks up his sleeve. Earthkwak has an extended amount of time doing radio/media type of shows as he was once a DJ and a host on his own online radio show ``Erotic Peak.`` DJ Earthkwak has since moved on to be a podcaster and 1/4 of the Africanist. A show that he does edits for, musical selections and makes sure everyone is on point or your mic will be cut off.

Yaw Mintah

The Politician

Yaw is the business guru/consultant, and something of the Ghana/Africa history expert. Funnyman also, yaw is a fan of all things different and unconventional. Always framing things into a business context to help push better learning and understanding, he uses the Africanist as a platform to share African culture. With an emphasis on our African identity first and foremost and making an impact to build a better world for our motherland.

Hamid Segunmaru

The Troll

Born in Nigeria (and if you let him tell it, he came here by force!), Middy is a Jack of all trades, Hamid wears many different hats in the creative world and brings that to the Africanist Podcast. His unique perspective often adds a different dynamic the the conversations. If he's not offering conspiracy, you can count on him to troll! When not offering his voice on the podcast, you can find him painting, drawing, sketching, designing....or anything creative.

Femi Sanya

The Comedic Relief

Your favorite sex symbol and funny man, Dr. Femdizzle is a Mental Health Counselor who has a great passion for life and the people he shares the world with. He enjoys long walks on the beach, watching ESPN and eating My Mother's NIGERIAN Jollof. A lot of his perspectives and outlook stems from his faith in Jesus Christ and his humble Nigerian upbringing. To know him is to love him, and if you don't, may God punish you. Do NOT slide in his DM's lol.